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South Riding Gas Furnace Replacement for Safety, Efficiency, and Rebates

South Riding Gas Furnace Replacement for Safety, Efficiency, and Rebates


To replace a hazardous gas furnace with a new Trane high-efficiency furnace, ensuring safety, energy efficiency, and qualifying for a $400 rebate from Washington Gas, in South Riding, VA (ZIP: 20152).

Project Overview:

Emergency Response:

Responded promptly to a customer call reporting a dangerous situation with the old gas furnace, which had a cracked heat exchanger.

Fire department intervention was required to shut down the unit for immediate safety.

Customer Education:

Engaged with the customer to explain the urgency of the situation and the dangers associated with the cracked heat exchanger.

Provided education on the benefits of replacing the old unit to ensure safety and prevent potential hazards.

Assessment and Proposal:

Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the existing gas furnace, documenting the extent of the damage.

Presented the customer with a detailed proposal, including the option to install a new Trane high-efficiency furnace with additional safety features.

Scheduling and Preparation:

Coordinated with the customer to schedule the replacement for the next day.

Prepared all necessary equipment and materials, ensuring compliance with local codes and regulations.


Removed the old gas furnace and installed the new Trane high-efficiency furnace, incorporating a water pan and water safety switch.

Ensured adherence to all relevant codes and regulations throughout the installation process.

Quality Assurance:

Conducted thorough testing of the new furnace to ensure proper functionality, safety, and efficiency.

Addressed any issues or concerns identified during the testing phase.

County Inspection:

Facilitated a county inspection to validate compliance with all codes and regulations.

Successfully passed the inspection, demonstrating the high standard of the replacement project.

Rebate Qualification:

Assisted the customer in submitting the necessary documentation to qualify for the $400 rebate offered by Washington Gas for the high-efficiency furnace installation.

Customer Satisfaction:

Obtained feedback from the customer to ensure complete satisfaction.

Addressed any post-installation questions or concerns the customer may have had.

Project Completion:

Provided the customer with all necessary documentation, including rebate confirmation and information on the new furnace's warranty and maintenance guidelines.

Confirmed the safe and efficient operation of the new Trane furnace, bringing peace of mind to the customer.


The gas furnace replacement project in South Riding, VA, successfully addressed safety concerns, enhanced energy efficiency, and qualified for a $400 rebate from Washington Gas. The customer is delighted with the prompt response, thorough communication, and the added benefits of the new Trane furnace. The project not only passed county inspection but also resulted in financial savings through the rebate program.

Location: South Riding, VA

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